Krista Betcher
Lead On!
Hey, Leader! What kind of leader are you? This book is intended to be a resource and discussion starter about talents, gifts, and positive leadership.
When I had the opportunity to work with the eighth-grade leaders who inspired this book, I was inspired by the way my students found their leadership potential simply by being themselves. Introverts, extroverts, athletes, artists, talkers, and listeners … they were all leaders. It takes courage to to be an authentic leader.
Read the words or Immerse yourself in the visual story of leaders creating a community garden and entertainment spot to be shared by all. It’s my hope that Lead On! will encourage readers to pause and reflect on their unique strengths and leadership style.
watercolor from Lead On!, Kari Vick
full page spread from Lead On!, Kari Vick
watercolor from I Know You're Here, copyright Kari Vick
Lead On!
written by Krista Betcher
illustrated by Kari Vick
Kevin Cannon, book design
Beaver's Pond Press, 2019
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Awards and Recognition

Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards Bronze: Gift/Specialty/Journal
Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist: Children’s Picture Book (Educational: 6 years and up) 
Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist: Gift/ Specialty/Novelty Book
Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist: Best Overall Design
Purple Dragonfly Finalist: Charity/Making a Difference
Purple Dragonfly Finalist: School Issues

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