Krista Betcher
Flutter, Bye
Twinkle, twinkle. Star winks and blinks through the night.
But he wants to be more than a nighttime twinkler. He wants to make a difference all the time.
One morning, Star sees a glimmer from below. Will Star discover the secret to the daytime sparkle?
Star’s Purpose is an Air Force book for kids that supports the idea that our “Air Force stars” have a very important job, day and night.
Families searching for a special connection while their loved one is away will be reassured with the gentle reminder that, “Every time I see a star, I’ll think of you.”
illustrations on this page by Brian Schmidt, copyright © Krista Betcher
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Star's Purpose illustration
Star's Purpose illustration
Video: Elementary music program featuring Star's Purpose
Downloadable coloring pages
Star's Purpose: An Air Force Mission
Star's Purpose: An Air Force Mission
written by Krista Betcher
illustrated by Brian Schmidt
Beaver's Pond Press, 2021
Star's Purpose interior page
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